Hamlen Home Improvement, Complete building and remedeling services
Hamlen Home Improvement

Hamlen Home Improvement specializes in residential remodeling, restoratioin, and repair services. HHI has been serving the Rochester area since 2001 and is a fully insured licensed residential building company.

Our goal is to provide quality home improvements to our customers while honoring the intention and setting of the improvement, and respecting our environment in the process. We stand by our work 100% offering only quality, dependable, long lasting products. All our work is also backed with a specific written warranty. Hamlen Home Improvement sees each customer as an individual and will meet each customer's need as it is presented.

HHI is led by Trevor Hamlen who brings his diverse experience to the company. Trevor developed his love for home improvement while working at several non-profit organizations including volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. It was during this time when remodeling and serving the community around him became fused together.

Trevor eventually graduated from college with a social work degree and started serving people in this capacity, but his desrie to build and remodel grew stonger during this time. Ultimately, Trevor's love of building, and desire to help others led him to start Hamlen Home Repair where he offered home improvement and repair services to fit the needs of individuals.

Today, Hamlen Home Improvement exists with a strong emphasis on serving people, solid ethical beliefs, and sound building techniques. Because of this, HHI is a trusted and relied upon remodeling business in Rochester.


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