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When you choose to build a deck with Hamlen Home Improvement you get a variety of options that provide a beauty and quality you can be proud of. Each deck is individually designed for with each homeowner to suite their needs and desires. While each deck can be built in a variety of ways, Hamlen Home Improvement will help your family avoid a variety of pitfalls that come with common deck designs, popular wood treatment options, and medium choices for each deck.

The most common mediums used presently are AC2 treated lumber, cedar lumber, and composite decking (aka maintenance free decking). The preferred treated lumber comes from Osmose Wood and is environmentally safe. The preferred treatment of any wood deck after installation is Sikkens DEK Finish. A multicoat stain is always preferred over any one coat stain.

The preferred composite decking is Timbertech. Timbertech is the best choice for maintenance free decking due to its outstanding warranty and ease of installation. Timbertech also has the only true hidden fastener system which includes railings. Timbertech resists fading and warping unlike other well known composite materials.
Each one of our decks will always be installed up to Minnesota state and national code. The deck will also be inspired by a licensed city official to assure standards have been met. One of the common code requirements for all decks is to have a 1 5/8" graspable handrail installed on the stair rail. This will be instaled and sometimes can look like an eye soar in the proper materials are not used. Code requires this item to be installed.